Varsity Medical and Wellness Clinic

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Varsity Medical & Wellness Clinic
Suite 230
8 Varsity Estates Cir NW
Calgary, AB, T3A 2Z3
Phone: 587.329.8279
Fax: 403.648.3765

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Varsity Medical and Wellness Clinic
Family Physicians
Dr. Khatereh Mojtahedi Dr. Manisha Latti
Dr. Ewan Roddie Dr. Johanna Festen
Dr. Kelli Thomas  Dr. Arina Melnik
Medical Cannabis
 Dr. Ewan Roddie

 Dr. Ryan Wong

Varsity Lab and Blood Services

Complex Care

Varsity Medical and Wellness Clinic has staff available to fill the role of a health coach for complex patients. Patients that suffer from chronic conditions and illness can often find benefit from being guided by a health care professional. With this education a patient may be able to better identify their health concerns and in some cases address them. The end goal is to provide our patients with additional tools to help manage their long-term illness or condition. Health coaching can utilize goal setting, identification of obstacles, and use of personal support systems.

Complex Care

Our doctors can often help administer and suggest avenues of treatment for patients whose chronic health conditions require the special attention and delivery of a complex care program.

Complex Care