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Mental Health Bridge Clinic

Varsity Medical & Wellness will be creating a bridge between the Family Physician, Psychiatry and other professional resources that specialize in Mental Health and Addictions. Wait times can often be upward to one year or more from the time a referral is made to when the patient is able to be seen by a specialist. Dr. Taylor is able to see these individuals during this time to provide counselling, resources, management of medications, as well as addiction screening and assessment. He believes in treating each individual as a whole in able to treat the root cause which helps to achieve the best possible outcome. Even if an individual is waiting to get into their Family Physician, they are able to utilize this service.

"Alberta's government is building a comprehensive recovery-oriented system of care," says Mike Ellis, Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions. "Any Albertan Struggling with mental health or addiction challenges will benefit from increased access to services that support their pursuit of recovery."

By providing this service at Varsity Medical & Wellness, we are able to bring bridge the gap between inpatient and outpatient Mental Health & Addiction Services, while patients are setting up with their own follow up care.

If you are dealing with any of the following, please feel free to book online or to call the clinic to book your appointment for the 'Mental Health Bridge Clinic'.

Addictions and Mental Health appointments are available by appointment for youth and adults from Wednesday to Friday. Individuals are able to self refer or be referred by their Family Physician, Psychiatrist, or Psychologist.

Mental Health Addictions
Youth & Adult Anxiety Tobacco Cessation
Depression Alcohol
PTSD Marijuana
ADHD Opioids
Bipolar Disorders Stimulants
Suicidality & Self Harm Sedatives/Sleep Aids
Personality Disorders Behavioural
Impulse Control Disorders
Eating Disorders
Post Partum Depression

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